4 Issues to Consider When Finishing Your Basement

Remodeling a basement offers several benefits and, of course, the main advantage is a whole lot of extra space. You can add any type of room that best fits your family and lifestyle: bedroom and bathroom, play area, family room, space for entertaining, home gym, and so much more. No matter what type of space you’re looking to add to your home, Home Improvements Unlimited, LLC, recommends you talk to your contractor about the four issues discussed below. We want you to be well-prepared for any surprises that may pop up during your home renovation project.

4 Issues to Consider When Finishing Your Basement

1. Additional Lighting

Basements are naturally dark, as there is usually little to no natural lighting. When renovating your basement space, a contractor should take the time to consider additional lighting that is needed for the new area. A home theater or extra bedroom won’t require the same amount of lighting as a family room or children’s play area.

2. Heating Needs

In the summer, a basement typically is the coolest space in your home. Your new basement remodeling plan may need to include additional heating solutions. Electric baseboards are a good solution for adding heat to the new space. Where possible, a contractor can use any existing ductwork to add heating elements to the basement as well.

3. Electrical Work

Regardless of what kind of space you’re creating with your basement renovation, all electrical work in this area will need to be updated to code. This will depend on the age of your home. Be sure to ask the contractor about any electrical work that needs to be completed, as this can potentially add quite a bit of expense to the entire project. 

4. Moisture in the Air

Moisture is a very common basement issue. Before remodeling begins, you’ll want the contractor to check for any existing water leaks or problems. To counteract moisture in the atmosphere, ask them to install a dehumidifier. They should be able to help you choose one that is best for the size and space of your basement.

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