5 Inexpensive Safety Improvements for Your Home

Home Improvement OhioWhen homeowners find that their property looks outdated, they invest in a home improvement project for a dramatic change. Home remodeling can not only transform the aesthetics of your abode, but increase the functionality of the space as well. When you’re discussing plans with a remodeler from Home Improvements Unlimited LLC, consider adding safety upgrades to your home. Here are some inexpensive safety improvements we recommend for preventing potential accidents:

  1. Fire Ladders: If you’ve ever experienced a fire in your house, you know how scary it can be. With fire ladders installed near bedroom windows, it will ensure your family has an accessible escape route during dire circumstances.
  2. Smoke Alarms: When is the last time you checked the batteries in your smoke alarm? The smoke alarms in every room should be tested and working properly.
  3. Safety Locks: Young children have a way of getting into just about anything they find. When storing hazardous items such as bug spray, cleaning agents, and other chemicals, put a safety lock on the cabinet to keep dangerous items out of reach.
  4. Outlet Covers: Baby-proof your sockets to ensure that curious toddlers don’t poke their fingers into the outlets.
  5. Railings: The most common home accident is falling. If your bannisters and railings are dilapidated, it’s time to replace them with sturdy material.

At Home Improvements Unlimited LLC, we provide a wide range of expertise on home improvements. From the kitchen to the bathroom, no project is too complicated for our professionals. For more information about how you can update your property, contact us at 614-774-4263.

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