Turn Your Unfinished Basement into a Family Room

Having an extra living space in your Pickerington home can make all the difference for you and your family. No longer will you have to share television time with others or go to your bedroom when the kids have their friends over. Home Improvements Unlimited LLC has spent decades creating family rooms out of unfinished basements. When you let us do the same thing for you, your family will be more than grateful for that extra living space.

Turn Your Unfinished Basement into a Family Room

Perfect for Teens 

If you are the parent of a teen, you know how important a family room can be. Many parents encourage their teenagers to invite their friends over. This way, moms and dads know exactly where their teens are and can get to know their friends too. If your home does not have extra living space, this means you and your spouse have to spend the evening in your bedroom, the kitchen, or outside on the porch. A basement-turned-family room solves that problem.

Great for Holiday Parties

For families that like to host holiday parties, a family room offers double the space for all of your guests. Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are bustling with people, activity, and sometimes chaos. Relieve some of the noise load in your home by opening up your basement family room. All the grandkids or nieces and nephews can play here, or, if you have family members with special needs, this extra space offers a quieter setting that can help them have a great holiday. 

Ideal for Small Groups

Many people like having a space in their Pickerington home where they can host small groups like book clubs, church groups, play dates, and more. If you prefer to use the living room, which would be closer to the bathroom and kitchen and ideal for your guests, your family members can take advantage of the extra living area in the basement. If you have a particularly large space downstairs, there may even be room for a pool table, air hockey machine, or an arcade game or two.

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