What You Need to Know before Remodeling a Basement

Beginning a basement remodel project is quite an undertaking. It can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Home Improvements Unlimited, LLC knows the importance of proper preparation before all major home remodeling projects. In order to prevent any surprise mishaps during your remodeling project, consider the following checklist before you begin construction.

Prepare for a Basement Remodel

Check for Water Issues

Look for any obvious signs of water leakage or water damage – pools of water on the floor, drips appearing on the walls, or water suddenly appearing on rainy days. Once you have found the source of the water leak, repair it completely before you begin further construction. You do not want to find unwanted water damage in your newly constructed home theater.

Prevent Water Issues

Repairing water issues is a must, but preventing any future water issues is of utmost importance. Adding a moisture barrier to the walls and the floors before adding drywall or flooring can keep unwanted moisture out of the basement. Consider purchasing a dehumidifier to keep all water issues at bay.

Review Building Codes

Reviewing the building codes required by your local city building department will keep you out of any future legal trouble, especially when selling your home. Call or stop in the department to find out what permits or licenses, if any, are required for your specific basement remodeling project.

Consider Heating

When winter arrives, basements can get awfully cold very quickly. Be sure to add enough insulation to keep the hot air in and the cold air out. Choose insulation that includes a moisture barrier on both sides to add an extra barrier against moisture.

Add Windows & Doors

Consider adding windows and doors where possible. Adding natural light can make your newly updated basement space inviting and relaxing.

Keep Utilities Accessible

Most basements are home to the major systems that keep a house running – hot water heater, home furnace, water shut off valves, electrical wiring, and more. When formulating your plans, be sure to keep all of these systems accessible.

The professional team at Home Improvements Unlimited has years of experience turning basements into private guest spaces, entertaining home theaters, or extra bonus spaces for growing families. Call our office today at 614-774-4263, or contact us online for a free basement finishing consultation. We happily service the areas of Columbus, Pickerington, Gahanna, and Canal Winchester.

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