10 Fun Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Part 1

Looking for some fun and innovative ways to liven up your bathroom? When it comes to bathroom remodeling, you can do much more than rip out the ol’ wallpaper. Check out these ideas from Home Improvements Unlimited LLC for your next bathroom remodel.

1. Tile from floor to ceiling.

Traditional bathroom tiles don’t have to be contained to the floor alone. Consider whether floor-to-ceiling tiles would add a unique flair to your bathroom space. You can even use artisan tiles to accent certain areas or create a border.

2. Install dual shower heads.bathroom remodel ideas

Don’t limit yourself to just one shower head! Different types of showerheads serve different purposes. To solve the dilemma, have your general contractor install two different shower heads that you can use either interchangeably or at the same time.

3. Warm up your feet!

Do Ohio winters have you down? Stop dragging that space heater into your cold, old bathroom to avoid the post-shower chills! Instead, during your bathroom remodel, consider installing floor heating that keeps you warm from the floor up.bathroom remodeling ideas

4. Expand your shower space.

If you’ve never experienced a walk-in shower, we highly recommend that you check it out. You can find many custom, walk-in shower options, including floor-to-ceiling glass doors, shower benches, and more.

5. Transform used furniture into a bathroom vanity.

Do you have an old bureau you just love but haven’t used in years? Or maybe you love antique shopping and want to refinish an heirloom? Taking an old piece of furniture and turning it into your vanity gives your bathroom remodel that extra custom charm.

Want five more bathroom remodeling ideas? Stay posted for the final five! In the meantime, contact Home Improvements Unlimited LLC at 614-774-4263 to get started on your bathroom-remodeling project. We have experience creating custom bathrooms throughout Columbus, Newark, and Granville, OH.


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