10 Fun Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Part 2

You can’t have too many ideas when trying to kick-start your bathroom remodeling creativity! In our last post, we at Home Improvements Unlimited LLC began our list of ten tips for remodeling your Ohio bathroom. Here are five more design ideas for you to consider as you tackle bathroom remodeling.

6. Go vintage with a clawfoot tub.

A clawfoot tub goes a long way in making your bathroom remodel distinct. Vintage elements like a clawfoot tub can set your bath apart from all others. The great thing is that many tub companies produce old-style clawfoot tubs with modern features, so you can have the best of both past and present.

7. Create space with custom cabinetry.

Nothing is more frustrating than not having enough space for all your bathroom essentials. Whether you have a large or tiny bathroom space, our design team can help you create custom cabinet solutions.

8. Install new lighting.

Don’t hide a beautiful bathroom remodel under dim lighting. Make sure you include upgraded lighting in your bathroom remodeling plans. You can install new, custom lighting or ask your general contractor about adding a window or skylight.

9. Line your shower with river rock.

Bring natural elements into your bathroom space by using river rock instead of tile in your shower. You can choose to use smooth river rocks on your shower floor or use it as a decorative feature on the shower wall.

10. Choose one-of-a-kind hardware.

Little details like your cabinet hardware can really set the tone for your bathroom remodel. Before you decide to go standard, see what kind of custom solutions are out there. You may even want to scour antique shops or online artisan shops to see what treasures you can find.

To get started bathroom remodeling, contact Home Improvements Unlimited LLC of Ohio at 614-774-4263. We can help you turn your ideas into the bathroom of your dreams. Be sure to check out our bathroom remodeling photo gallery and take a look at what other satisfied customers are saying about our home improvement services.

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