3 Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before a Basement Renovation

Having your basement refinished is exciting, especially when you’re adding a game room for the family, a guest area for visiting relatives and friends, or that home office you’ve always wanted. Before signing any contract, you should do your due diligence and find out as much as you can about the upcoming basement remodel. At Home Improvements Unlimited LLC, we recommend you ask these three questions, and others as well, if you wish to have a smooth and successful basement remodeling project.

3 Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before a Basement Renovation

1. What Is Your Timetable?

Although you are having work done in your home, life cannot stop while your home improvement project is underway. Before your contractor begins, it’s always good to ask about the renovation’s timetable. 

  • What is the project’s begin and end date?
  • What time of morning will you begin each day?
  • When will you end each afternoon/evening? 
  • What types of issues could delay the project?

2. Are You Easy to Reach?

Be sure to ask the best way to communicate with the project manager. Is it best to call the office with any questions? Does he or she prefer to communicate via email? Is there a cell phone number you can call if any questions arise? At Home Improvements Unlimited, we value building relationships with our clients. We are always easily accessible and ready to answer any questions you may have.

3. How Will You Protect My Home?

While there is always going to be some dust and debris when renovating your basement, you should know that there are ways to minimize the amount of dust that ends up in the rest of your home. Ask the contractor how they will protect the rest of your home during a basement finishing renovation. Our craftsmen will treat your home with the utmost respect as we realize that we are guests in your home during this time. We always keep the worksite clean and carefully cover any exposed areas.

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