Avoid Making These 3 Mistakes When Renovating Your Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen can be an exciting time. It’s amazing how a different layout along with new appliances, counters, and cabinetry can all create an efficient yet gorgeous new kitchen space. When thinking about what you want out of a kitchen remodel, it’s also a good idea to keep in mind what you don’t want. Home Improvements Unlimited helps homeowners renovate their kitchens so they work better for them, not against them. Avoid these three mistakes when planning your kitchen remodel.

Avoid Making These 3 Mistakes When Renovating Your Kitchen

1. Making Aisles Too Narrow

A narrow kitchen aisle can make prepping and cooking meals a hassle. If appliances are located across from one another, there needs to be enough space for the appliance doors to be open and a person to walk through the area at the same time. Not only should you consider the aisle between your island and kitchen counter, but also between your kitchen island and the dining area. So, when designing the new layout, make sure there is ample room for people to walk around comfortably in your kitchen.

2. Having an Oversized Island

Kitchen islands are a valuable tool in many kitchens. They offer space for prepping meals, doing dishes, cooking on stovetops, eating breakfast, and entertaining friends. They even make great tables for your kids to sit around and do their homework on. When designing an island as part of your new kitchen, be sure it’s no longer than ten feet and no deeper than four feet. If it’s larger than this, it will be difficult to utilize the entire island and you will end up with wasted space in your kitchen.

3. Not Having Enough Storage

A kitchen can never have too much storage. From stowing away countertop appliances and organizing pantry items to carefully storing fine china, there are many items that need to be stored. They also need to be easily accessible so you don’t have to grab a ladder every time you want to get the stand mixer or food processor down from a closet. There are several unique kitchen storage ideas currently available. Our team can sit down with you and take the time to explore and design the right cabinets, shelves, and storage options you need for your kitchen.

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