4 Functional Ideas for a Basement Remodel

When it comes to remodeling a basement to a functional living space, the options are seemingly endless. We’ve talked before about turning a basement into a home theater, but there are even more design possibilities available. At Home Improvements Unlimited LLC in Columbus, our basement contractors can transform your unfinished basement into a variety of options.

1) Quiet Home Office

Tired of your small home office being in a high traffic area on the main floor? Get a private workspace by moving your desk, computer, and bookcases to your basement. Remodeling a basement for a home office is ideal for those who often bring their work home, such as writers, architects, and travel agents.

2) Entertaining Game Room

Don’t want the clutter of video game consoles and toys visible to house guests? Creating a game room is one of the most popular basement remodeling ideas. Want to have the ultimate kid hang out in the basement? Set up multiple computer stations with comfortable seating and LED lighting. Pool tables, shuffleboard, and ping pong tables are also fun for all ages.

3) Music Room for Jamming

If you have a love of musical instruments, then a sound-proofed basement could be the perfect place! Whether a ministage and lighting fit your vision or a more tranquil space for playing tunes is more up your alley, our basement remodelers can design the space to your liking.

4) Your Very Own Gym

Make working out more convenient with all your equipment right in the basement. With your basement walls covered in large mirrors, the space can be used for dancing, aerobics, and yoga sessions.

Do one of these suggestions pop out to you as a great way to transform your unfinished basement? Our team at Home Improvements Unlimited can get started on your design. Call our basement remodeling pros at 614-774-4263.

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