Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2018

With advances in countertops, appliances, and more, it’s hard for a kitchen to stay modern without a few updates over the years. If your kitchen has been the same style for well beyond a decade, then it’s probably time for a major kitchen remodel. Here at Home Improvements Unlimited LLC serving Ohio, we’ve compiled the top five kitchen remodeling trends for 2018 to help you get started with design ideas.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends in Columbus Ohio

1) White, Gray, and Dark Palette

If you’ve watched any HGTV show, you’ll probably already know that a cool-toned color palette is the most popular style nowadays. Expect to see even more people getting a kitchen remodel to remove outdated palettes to go with more current color schemes of white, gray, and black. White is most commonly chosen for kitchen cabinets to give the area a fresh, clean look. Gray or black countertops bring contrast to the kitchen while also being easy to clean.

2) Quartz Takes the Lead

For countertops, there’s a clear winner. Quartz has grown in popularity over the years to the point where it has now surpassed granite. Compared to granite, quartz is less maintenance, is extremely durable, and is even considered anti-microbial.

3) Effective Storage Solutions

Oftentimes, the main reason for a kitchen remodeling project — other than updating the aesthetics — is to improve the functionality of the space. With kitchen cabinetry, wasted or unused space is a huge dilemma. A kitchen remodel can transform ill-designed spaces into an organizational haven with dividing trays, deeper drawers, and wastebasket cabinets.

4) New Appliance Styles

While stainless steel appliances have been the go-to look for appliances for some time, we’re seeing gray-toned appliances with dark brushed metal finish trending for 2018. “Smart” appliances have also skyrocketed in the marketplace, allowing homeowners to create streamlined use of technology throughout the house.

5) Eye on the Island

Larger kitchen islands will become a staple in kitchens. No longer an afterthought, islands can become focal points and the social hub of the kitchen. One trend is a single level island in larger sizing, so it can serve as a functional space for prepping meals while also serving guests.

Tired of your kitchen looking like it belongs in the ’80s? Home Improvements Unlimited can bring it back to 2018. Get an update with the help of our kitchen remodeling team in Columbus. Contact us at 614-774-4263 today!

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