Brighten Up Your Basement With These 3 Tips

If you’ve remodeled your basement, but still aren’t satisfied with how the space looks and feels, you may need to brighten it up. There are several ways to make a dark and dingy space look brighter and feel more open. Adding lighter colors to the walls or floors, installing accent lighting, and adding bright decor are just a few of the methods people have used to make their finished basement seem more illuminated. At Home Improvements Unlimited LLC, we recommend considering the three ideas below for brightening up your basement space.

Brighten Up Your Basement With These 3 Tips

1. Light or Bright-Colored Walls

When you paint the walls of your basement with a light or bright color, this automatically gives the space a roomy and open atmosphere. If you prefer not to paint, there are alternatives such as installing waterproof basement wall panels. These panels are available in different colors, patterns, and textures. Plus, because they are waterproof, they help to protect against water intrusion, moisture damage, and mold growth. 

2. Light-Colored Flooring

Change that slab of concrete from dull and gray to bright and open by adding light-colored flooring. There are several types of flooring available such as light-colored tile, faux wood, or a neutral-colored carpet. These options create a light and open space, as well as make your basement feel more comfortable overall.

3. Basement Lighting

Just as light paint colors and neutral flooring helps a dark, dingy basement seem wide and open, so does the right type of basement lighting. Pendant lights create an open and inviting space, whereas accent lights highlight details of the room like decor, artwork, or a specific space. If you have a home office area or homework nook in your basement, task lighting can provide a bright and glare-free environment. For general lighting, you can add ambient lights into the drop ceiling. 

Whatever type of lighting you choose, consider using LED lights. These energy-efficient lights do cost a little more upfront, but they will save you money over time as they last longer and use less electricity.

Transform Your Basement With Home Improvements

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you make your basement look bright and open, contact us today by calling (614) 774-4263. We’re happy to provide a free estimate for your Canal Winchester home. In addition to basement refinishing, we also specialize in bathroom remodeling and kitchen renovations

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