Make Your Kitchen Feel Larger with These Budget-Friendly Ideas

Do you have a kitchen that’s a bit on the small side? Perhaps you’d like to make your meal prep space feel larger without breaking the bank. There are several ideas you can incorporate into your kitchen to help make this happen. At Home Improvements Unlimited LLC, we have found that these budget-friendly renovations can upgrade your kitchen and make it seem larger all at the same time.

Make Your Kitchen Feel Larger With These Budget-Friendly Ideas

Cabinet Doors with Glass or Open Shelving

Open up your cooking space by literally opening up your cabinets. Add glass doors to your kitchen cabinets or replace them entirely with open shelves for an airy and spacious feel. Make sure you don’t clutter up the cabinets or shelves. A messy space can make a room look like a small space.

Geometric Patterns

Adding geometric patterns to the overall decor has become a new trend for smaller kitchens. You can include these shapes in various places such as the backsplash, floor tile, and kitchen accessories. This fun and interesting feature can trick the eye into making this space look bigger than it actually is. Be sure to only add a few geometric patterns to your kitchen, as too many can make it look disorganized.

Airy Windows or Doors

Another way to make your kitchen feel larger is to open up the windows or add a transparent door. Curtains can help with privacy but if your space allows, keeping the curtains open or completely removing them will make the kitchen seem light and airy. A transparent door will do the same thing. If the layout of your kitchen permits, a sliding glass door with a screen will really make a difference in how open your kitchen feels. 

Accent Lights

If your cooking space has some darker areas, you may want to add some accent lights. Dark shadows can make a space seem crowded and narrow. By adding accent lights in or underneath cabinets, above the kitchen island, or over the kitchen sink, you can make the space seem roomier and more open. 

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